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Friday, March 4, 2011


Just a late night thought, some people call me "bipolar". I'm using this blog, my twitter and all my other social networks of awareness. No, I'm not feeding a child that's hungry, or involved in a charity or foundation but this is only a stepping stone. I like to discuss everything, from sex, religion, celebrity gossip, things that young adults and teens are interested in. Am I wrong because in one breath, I can talk about "Jesus", and that he is my LORD and savior and the next I can be talking about sexuality, posting links of naked pics of Chris Brown, or even just talk about "shit" that erks my nevers. Does this make me a "hypocrite"? Am I wrong for just saying how I feel and expressing myself? There has to be somebody out there who can understand what I'm talking about. Can we talk about it?  I know when it comes to religion, somebody are so "touchy" on it but its there. No matter who you believe your "Creator" is. Sex, disagreement, spirituality, politics, all of that is what life is based around. I'm just being real and up front. Like it's the 21st Century, and your consider crazy when you speak on things that people give a crap about, but its those judgemental people, who judge me, that hushes the voice of people like me, who these things matter too. Let's talk about it!